Time zones all confused

Having times zones jumping from correct to very wrong.
PDT and MDT are completely reversed. Current time is 6:06PDT and now shows 5:06 MDT

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Hi, can you elaborate a bit here?

Whereabouts are you experiencing this issue? If you can share a screenshot with the “Airplane Location” showing in the bottom bar (press and hold one of the slots, and it’s found in the last page)

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Will try. Stand by it seems to have changed correctly so let me keep anneye on it

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Yes as you can see
I’m at KCMA and it’s still UTC-8 and I checked using the real time and there’s been no change.

Looks to be specific to this airport - I tried it at KOXR (nearest airport) and it works correctly.

Our timezone system is based on the nearest airport’s timezone information, and this may be incorrect, so I’ll double check this instance and see if we can fix it.

If you find any other airports where this happens, let me know on this thread. Thanks!


Seems logical. Been monitoring time from LAS-MDW. Will report any found time travel areas


Thanks! Much appreciated

So the time for MDT was for most part okay. Just went to CDT and time reverted back to PDT

KAMA is only 10km south at time of report

Currently shows 0708hrs. When it should be 0908hrs.

Update the time did correct itself so perhaps just a delay

So the issue here may be that you aren’t “near enough” to an airport with timezone information, and it’s approximating based on your longitudinal positional without taking into account Daylight Saving Time. I’ll dig into this more…

(time zones are fun and make no sense!)


That is a good possibility.

Be nice when and if they make DT permanent in the U.S. but not holding my breath

Yep, looks like it’s being seriously considered again. It would make our code a little tidier :)

Lol. The whole time change is 40yrs behind the times.

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Okay flying directly over KMCI and time zone has gone back to PDT

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve been saying for years that it needs to be permanent! It just makes more sense!

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Agreed. However trusting congress to do their job is a tall order

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Yeah, unfortunately.

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