Time zone synching issue in game

I’ve noticed that in game there is an issue with UK Timezone as our clocks go forward 1hr to BST on the final Sunday of March likewise in October when clocks move back 1hr. I noticed the issue when I was doing a flight between Antananarivo and Dodoma as UK time is - 2hrs from EAT ( East Africa Time) in summer not 3. The in game Timezone is only accurate when October 30th has passed.

Fellow pilots comment if you are noticing this issue as well.

Hey there!

The developers are aware of the timezone issues and are investigating. This is due to a change in how time is determined that took place in 21.7 - it is now calculated on the users’ devices, instead of the server. It is currently unknown when a fix for this will be published, however. Your best bet would be to bear with the Infinite Flight time while they find the roots of the problem and resolve it; in the meantime, I’d suggest adjusting your time to the actual current one.


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