Time zone query

I have recently noticed the time zones aren’t accurate. I’m currently in Dusseldorf and the current time is showing “Europe UTC+01:00” when it should be “+02:00”

I noticed this after the change to Summer Time.
Will this be updated in game?


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I’m not sure if it’ll be changed, although I wonder if London is following dst as well


Yes - the UK is now on Daylight Savings Time.

@Dom_Stewart the time zone notation has been a bit sketchy in its accuracy as of recent. Its not a major issue as the long as the actual time is correct.


Yeah I know its been a bit sketchy as I would usually have to click current time to manaully correct the time zone if I’m flying using my own sim time but when I do that now it doesn’t correct itself, so the time is inaccurate.

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Time zones are one of the largest headaches, especially when you involve things like DST.
The app currently picks based on the nearest airport (assuming there’s data for that airport) within a certain radius. If there’s no airport close enough, it will use a table that may sometimes be an hour off.

Spawning it at EDDF gives me UTC+02:00 right now.

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Hey! I landed in EDDL 2 hours ago and stayed spawned in till now cause I was going to do another leg. The time never changed neither it took correct data to correct the time (see screenshot attached). Spawning in at Greece does give correct time for example +3 but doing a flight that arrives in Greece will show wrong time like I experienced yesterday. I think this should be looked up

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In all honesty on a personal note;

Unless the sky starts jumping back & forth due to the hourly difference, putting loads of hours into this is somewhat a bit of a waste. Because this is exactly that - loads of hours that could be spent on something else instead of something that’s barely noticeable.

This map showing the different time zones across the world should explain the difficulties. Then comes the different handling between countries regarding DST… A thing not even an entire country could figure out a few weeks back when DST came in Europe.
It’s a headache beyond belief.


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