Time Zone Poll: Need Entire Community to Participate

Hello all,

I know we all live in different parts of the world. This can often be a hindrance if the community wants to host events. So I created this poll to see where everyone lives. Hopefully this will aid the community in having the best target times to host events. This would really help not just those Virtual Airlines out there but the community as a whole. Directly below the poll will be a map for you to use if you dont know your Zulu Time Zone.

Please do not vote multiple times as to not mess up the numbers. Could not have over 20 separate time zones so I grouped them.

Thank you all

  • Alpha to Echo Time Zone = UTC+01:00 to +5:00
  • Foxtrot to Kilo Time Zone = UTC+06:00 to +10:00
  • Lima to Papa Time Zone = UTC+11:00 to -3:00
  • Quebec to Uniform Time Zone = UTC−04:00 to -8:00
  • Victor to Zulu Time Zone = UTC−09:00 to +00:00

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I live in Texas. How do I find the time zone??

Why don’t we just keep GMT/ZULU so it’s easier for all to work out.

Find Texas on the map and look at the time zone at the bottom of the map.

Must admit that world has been split up in an odd way. I am in the UK and could answer the question two different ways! Either be lumped in with Siberia or the U.S. East Coast!

Think I got it right but could be wrong

UTC is the same as Zulu.

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I know just thought I’d make it clear as I useally get flagged

Do I count Daylight saving?

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I live in the netherlands, i realy like to live under the sea level

No i think you shouldn’t

use the map that I put below the poll

@Benny87654321 Just so you know, I PM’d @Carson about the topic and he told me to put it under VA

So I’ll put it back in va

I just wasnt sure if you guys changed your minds or what was going on. I just wanted to make you aware of why I put it there.

Wich zone is +11to -3?from New Zeland to Brazil?and -9 to 00 is like -4 to -8… +or-…i think tou need to,fix…

Its basically North and south america

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