Time zone issue

Hey guys I have got a new issue with my sim. Let me explain and tell me if you already faced this issue as well. So I was doing a flight from london city to Geneva. So as you know it’s UTC time zone in London but when I crossed the sea and flew over France the time was still on UTC time zone and not on UTC +1 and I couldn’t change it. I know it’s nothing but it’ truly annoying to be not in the right time zone. So I wonder if some you experienced the same as me.
Thank you guys for your help.

sometimes time zone can be delayed in the game

I have experience the same thing on the east coast of the US it said I was in UTC 4 when the east coast is in UTC 5

They changed the timezones in 21.7 i believe. They used to change as you went across the world, but there was some sort of internal problem or something causing issues that prompted the change. If anyone knows more please correct me or add on. Thanks!

Edit: I believe it is based on your device’s timezone if I remember correctly.

Reference here: Infinite Flight 21.7 and its change to how we tell time - #6 by Cameron

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