Time to load the aircraft

We have three basic itens in weight and balance that we need to pay attention before start our flight:

  • Fuel Tanks
  • Passengers
  • Cargo

What happens in the simulator at the moment?

If you change any of this settings it automatically change in your aircraft

How it is in real life?

In real life this services take a long time to do. Depending on the fuel quantity it can take more than 40 minutes to refuel the aircraft
All the services might keep the airplane on the ground for more than 1 hour before the flight

How it could look like in Infinite Flight?

This new feature we will allow us to simulate the time it takes to refuel the aircraft, board he passengers and load the cargo.

Of course it’s not necessary to simulate the whole time! This new feature will allow us to set the fuel quantity, number of passengers or cargo weight and wait a few time to load


  • Set 5.000kg of fuel (1 minute to refuel)
  • Set 20.000kg of fuel (4 minutes to refuel)
  • Set 250 passengers (2 minutes to board)
  • Set 10.000kg of cargo (3 minutes to load)

We will be able to do it simultaneously? Yes!

In case you fill the wrong quantity in any of this settings there will be a button to start and stop loading/boarding/refuel the aircraft

What if I want to make a fast flight?

Sometimes if you are going to fly in a group flight or event you need to prepare your flight quickly

Because of this you will be able to change in your settings between simulate the load or not

So, if you are late you won’t have to wait 5 minutes or more to start your flight :)

Why do we need this?

This will bring more realism to the simulator and will allow us to do all the procedures like prepare our flight plan while the aircraft is being reloaded

An aircraft being loaded:

I understand the reasoning behind this request, however, can’t you just simulate this now by setting a timer and letting your plane sit if you wish to leave time for the aircraft to refuel/load?

I feel like this is a realistic feature we can already simulate ourselves without it needing to be added as a new feature to the sim, but this is just my perspective.


It sounds like a nice idea but I don’t think people have the time to wait for cargo to load

Yeah! But I already thought about it and I said in the post that an option to disable this feature could be added

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Oh Ok That sounds cool

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Wow! I was thinking about the same idea yesterday. You have my vote.

Oops, wrong account ^

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Bump! This is truly needed and would me the time on the ground more realistic

It would have been good if they added a Option named “meals” like RFS has because it looks more realistic to do that.

They can also add passengers and show that they are eating or add like luggage and show animation of it…