Time to Fly Long Range!

There is always that LAX-DXB on the Emirates A380

Yes, but its a simulator, so removing passengers wouldnt be so real, would it?

I’m more interested in building time and xp when I’m sleeping 😛

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Airlines do it all the time when breaking records. They only take the crew

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The world has become soooo lazy…;)

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The 747-8i has the longest range according to this post:

I’ll be flying YSSY to KMIA starting now! Feel free to track me on LiveFlight 🙂

Aircraft: B789
Airline: American Airlines
Callsign: American 127 Heavy
Name: Captain Thomas

Total distance: 9884 nm

Thanks for your help guys!

You may just barely make it. May the winds forever be in your favor! Way to push it to the limits 😃


I can always divert! But with the Global release, why not take advantage of it? Might as well make a long overnight flight and leave the plane in NAV mode.

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You’re absolutely right. I had to divert to Mexico a few times. Plenty of suitable airports if needed.

To fly the longest range, use the 77L. It has the longest range of all aircraft in IF

Does anybody know if there are different winds in different altitudes after the global update? Might be interesting to level off due to turbelences in certain flight levels.

I just did a 9 hour flight in a 777

Im pretty sure the 787-9 is the longest ranged jet in IF after that is the 777-200LR.

Yet the 787-9 can’t do everything. Those attempting a Sydney to London flight better know how to glide a plane


The 77L has longer range than the 787s

The 777ER is pretty much equal in range to the 777L and both have superior range to all variations of the 787. Glad I cleared this up. (:

I attempted one… full passengers, almost full fuel, almost full cargo… had a 180kt headwind the entire time and came up 3 hours short. It’s a looooooong flight

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The 787-9 can make that flight

Just replicating the A342 record flight CDG-AKL in the 77L. Will take 19.5h. I know the actual flight was Le Bourget, but I wanted a little more runway.