Time to Fly Long Range!

I’m wondering which planes would be able to fly super long range and what configurations (fuel, passengers, cargo, etc.) I should use to stretch the range to the max. I’m hoping to fly an ultra long flight overnight and through part of tomorrow.

Maybe KMIA to YSSY or something?

Anyway, what planes will take me the extra few miles? 🙂

The 787-9 is the biggest range jet in IF right now

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Try Boston to Tokyo!
14 hour Flight time on a Boeing 787-9 JAL 8

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Might help you out.

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Thank you! Any ideas for configuration? Or will max fuel get me there?

These two threads should get you started:

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Max fuel and minimum passengers and cargo should get you there and if you plan for winds.

0 pax, 0 cargo, and a topped of tank in the 777-200LR or 789 will get you a ways.

Do DFW-FRA in a Lufthansa 747-8 or A340-600

Thank you so much!!!

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Anyone have ideas about what the longest flights would be?

Attempt YPPH to KMIA in an empty A380 or empty 787-
Removing the passengers really helps

There is always that LAX-DXB on the Emirates A380

Yes, but its a simulator, so removing passengers wouldnt be so real, would it?

I’m more interested in building time and xp when I’m sleeping 😛

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Airlines do it all the time when breaking records. They only take the crew

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The world has become soooo lazy…;)

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The 747-8i has the longest range according to this post:

I’ll be flying YSSY to KMIA starting now! Feel free to track me on LiveFlight 🙂

Aircraft: B789
Airline: American Airlines
Callsign: American 127 Heavy
Name: Captain Thomas

Total distance: 9884 nm

Thanks for your help guys!

You may just barely make it. May the winds forever be in your favor! Way to push it to the limits 😃