Time to change TS after Expert

Hi there,

so now we have better Expert server, really thanks FDS for this change, but it would be great to make Training server great again.

Me as ATC on TS, I see a lot of people not listening to ATC because they know ATC doesn’t have power to do something, but how can ATC or pilot train on Training server, while there is so many pilots breaking rules? I think it’s time to make TS for people who want to train to be pro and fly with other pro on expert.

It would be more effective to give ATC some options, although it doesn’t have to be ghosting right away. Here are few of my thoughts:

  1. I could be some warnings to pilots who don’t listen to ATC or deliberately break rules, let’s say he has 10 warnings he will be temporary banned from that airspace. I believe that just sending warning sign about breaking rules make some of them behave correctly

  2. ghosting but only for that airport or airspace, so he can leave without interrupting other pilots, and when out of airspace he will get back online

Thanks for reading


They won’t do it simply because it is the “training server”. It’s to train, people may not listen because they don’t know what they’re doing, hence they are training. It would be a bit of a silly idea to change it now.

I get it and I sort of like the idea.

Maybe this will happen but probably not.

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cutting through line or taxiing through grass or buildings is clear that they know what are they doing, also not listening to some simple atc instructions is deliberately breaking rules by my opinion

if I send to someone pattern instruction and he fly to wrong leg, okay, maybe he doesn’t know it, as atc I could be able to tell him you are on wrong leg or let him continue


This has been brought up time and time again and even tried. It is the training server where all (Pilots and Controllers) train.