Time spacing in PMs

Quick question:
There was a topic kind of similar to this one a few days ago but there is an issue with the time spacing in which you can send replies when you PM someone. Is it just me or is everyone experiencing this?
A response would be appreciated!

I have not noticed this in PMs. Seb will help you out. Sit tight until he responds.

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Oh I see. Does seb control these kinds of things?

Yeah. He’s the forum manager for the technical side of things.

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The time spacing is the same as in public posts. Currently 25 seconds. I can’t imagine why anyone would need to post more than once in a time span of 25 seconds? :)

It was discussed here:


Okay, I’m assuming this was to prevent spam. But was this changed from before? Because before it felt you could reply faster in a PM like a couple weeks ago.

And that topic was kind of what I was referencing when I said “there was a similar one discussed” but I was wondering if it applies for PM, but now I see it does.

It is to prevent spam indeed.
Yes, it was considerably lower a week ago. I changed it.


Ahh I see. Thanks for answering! Appreciate it

Is it too tight? Trying to find a balance here :)


Maybe 20 seconds? I can see if you find that too little for you but I think that’s reasonable in my opinion.
And yes, I think it’s annoying when people reply in five messages on a topic back to back when it could have been done in one 😆

I did notice the change, but I think it’s for the better, I don’t know how long it is, but even in a good discussion it definitely gives people time to read, and formulate a response, and I’ve only hit it once, I think it’s pretty good as it is…

I wouldn’t mind a little longer tbh, I’ve been in some pms with people who rapid fire like you wouldn’t believe…

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To answer your question, the current time spacing is 25 seconds. And yes, I know what you are talking about with the “rapid fire” PMs 😂

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I agree, surely by the time you read the other persons post fully it has been 25 seconds. Schyllberg is only assisting constructive discussion. :)

This isn’t only in PMs and it is too sensitive IMO. Very frustrating, wasn’t like this previously.


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