Time shows 3 hours back, not right current time

Apparently I like the current time setting, but it shows 3 hours back. I have no idea how to change it? Any help would be appreciated.

-Railevator 4000

You can adjust the bar there. :)

Just to clarify, does the time show incorrectly when you press current time?


Are you from a country that may be 3 hours ahead of ZULU time? So GMT+3?

To Dan, and others. Here is what is happening. I load up the game and go to Time. And it shows under UTC -8 hours or something. And under Zulu 17:00 which is 8 hours back.


Yes @Kyles.aviation. I am 3 hours ahead in Eastern zone.

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I am in New York time and it shows -3 hours back.

There is your answer. When you press current time, it will be the current time of the actual timezone where you are flying, not the timezone where you live in.


Zulu time is GMT+0 so right now it’s currently 19:32 and for you it would be 22:32. UTC time is basically Zulu (GMT+0) and the time on the right is the current time in the country that you are flying. So this isn’t a bug. If you don’t understand I can try explain it better :)

Oh thanks!

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