Time problem

I’m pretty sure that Singapore to New York is 20 hours long, tho here it says 15:10, I’m at Mach 0.85, common cruise speed for the a350, anyone knows why?

First off, the usual flight time between Singapore and New York is roughly 18 hours, not 20; it is also to do with the idea that there is also a difference between actual flight time and gate-to-gate flight time, which can make a big difference. As to the difference between 15:10 and 18:00, many different factors can influence it such as the fact you are going to slow down as you approach, which can add a good amount of time. Note that ETE is just what it is: an estimate.

In short, you’re going to slow down eventually, and ETE will only use your current metrics to estimate.


It depends, the calculations it makes are not always exact due to the wind speed, if you have a tailwind you would have more speed and the weather calculates that you are close to missing

And after a while when you have a different wind direction, time arrival makes another calculation, that’s what I would believe happens.


ETE is based off of your current ground spped. This will decrease during your decent, and could decrease if your tailwind component decreases.

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