Time periods

Okay, soo, we have 3 servers currently, and you suggest adding 3 time periods for one server, that would mean they would have to be maintained, and maintaining servers is pretty expensive as is

You can’t imagine everything. It’s not just something like “oh there’s an old AA livery in the game, I’ll imagine it as a retro livery”. I’m doing this because not only for realism, but for people to vote for other older aircraft too. Like for example: “oh, this plane would be cool to use in that time period!” Instead of “not voting for this because it’s too old and makes the sim unrealistic”

Yes, I know it would be expensive. I honestly don’t know a fix to that

There is no fix to it, unless they can lower the price of running servers, there is no point to add more (no offense). I mean, the only fix I can think of would be an increase in subscription prices, and I have a feeling they don’t wanna do that.

Yes, I see that, I guess my idea is currently useless, sadly.

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No worries, once it is suitable to run multiple servers, this could be taken into consideration

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Well considering most airlines have retired the 747and a380 wouldn’t this eliminate many of the ones we have. Not to mean I’m sorry, many of the 777s are being retired, and well many liveries for the DC-10/MD-11 etc.

If this is somehow ever implemented, the servers would be pretty quiet. Not to mention the cost of those servers would probably increase the pro subscription, which could turn people away from IF

If the Infinite Flight playerbase reached an amount of players like FSX or another popular flight sim, I could potentially see this added but with the current traffic, It’s going to let the iverall ATC Coverage die down. The ratio of players that will use 1980-2000’s aircraft against present would probably be a huge difference aswell.

This only happens with older aircraft types that are largely in service. The 744 is an old aircraft that is mostly out of service so they aren’t just going to remove dead liveries.

And just think, they added so many 757 liveries that have been retired.

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Not false, it is true that I ignore completely for they add this kind of liveries (as the 787-10 of Air France whereas they never had it)

That was the opposite, an order that was cancelled.

AF and EY 78X will become 789 one day for sure (or 788)

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