Time periods

Hello everyone, I really wanted to have this feature in the game for a loooong time. So let me explain:

Why would it be a great feature for IF?

It would allow for those old aircraft and liveries to be added to IF. There will be no more “tHiS iS tOo oLd tO bE AdDeD iNtO tHe GaMe 😫”.

I understand those people and agree with them. I would not like to see a 747-200 in a long gone livery taking off while I try to be realistic. And for those people who want to fly for example the 747-200, they can do in those older time periods, for example: “1980 - 2000”.

So basically, this is great for both sides and allows for more realism!

An example of what it could look like

(Please tell me if I did anything wrong in this feature request)

I feel like this is a really good idea, but Infinite Flight might not be able to afford the extra servers/server space to have specific time period servers. Also I think that this should be an “Expert Server only” thing as I don’t think it would be used that much on the other servers.


Yea, I was thinking of the same thing. And I do like that idea of it only being on the expert server, originally I thought only expert and training. It would also reduce costs having to pay more.

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Servers would be pretty quiet no?


Yea, I was also thinking about that. I still don’t have an idea on how to combat that problem, sadly

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Yeah, and ATC would die down.

Would there be any enforcement of using correct time periods?

I’d say the devs can add restrictions to certain aircraft and liveries. It would say like: “aircraft/livery not available in this time period”

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Overall, this is actually a good idea but it won’t be successful, due to the reasons above. I don’t think it will come but I really do appreciate the idea, don’t get me wrong

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Personally, I don’t find it useful, I think that during the next reworks of the planes, the liveries will disappear because the developers must redo them at 0.

Let me explain:

let’s base it on Air France :

The 747-400 of Air France was made in 2014, at that time, AF still had the 747.

and another example, the A380-800 of AF was made in 2012, AF separated from its A380 in 2020.

Conclusion: I think we can leave these liveries in peace until the next rework of the aircraft,

Uh, I don’t understand you, what do you mean?

You’re suggesting for 9 more servers for a total of 12 public servers?


I will resume only based on the Air France 747.

Infinite Flight created ( or updated ) the 747 in 2014. ( with the Air France livery )

Except that, in January 2016, Air France sold all its 747s, which made the livery “non-existent”.
What I mean now, is that, when there will be a next rework of the 747, the Air France livery will probably not be there anymore, like all the livery that does not exist anymore.

I still don’t understand (sorry) If you are saying that when they will rework it that they’ll remove it is unlikely, like for example the multiple old liveries on the 757

When they rework an aircraft, they redo it from the beginning, so they redo the liveries, otherwise, why would they send this WIP thing on instagram?

I even think it’s an idea but the servers would be very empty and it would be a high cost to keep more servers on the air, which could perhaps lead to an increase in the pro subscription. I think if you don’t like old liverys because you don’t think they’re suitable for the current time, try to imagine they’re retro liverys :)

As cool as an idea of this is, the problem is servers are expensive to run, and to have 9 additional servers for a total of 12 would be through the roof expensive, it just wouldn’t be practical.

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I do like this feature request, would definite make flying a little more realistic.

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What do you mean 9? All of them combined?

Would it be only expert server, or on all 3 servers?

Expert would be the best option