Time of the day bug

Hello Infinite Flight team

I have been recently playing Infinite Flight especially with the releases of 21.8, but there is a bug I found with Changing the time of day.

One this picture, I’ve set the time to noon, but visually, it looks as if it’s sunset. I’ve tried adjust The time but it either goes to night or sunset.

Here’s also another picture showing it is set at noon. I only found this problem in LFPG and EETN so far. I don’t know if it effects other locations.

If you are needing my device specifications: 11 inch IPad Pro 2020
Also, my graphics setting are set on all high and FPS at 30


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I don’t think that this is a bug. In the winter months, the days are much shorter in many parts of Europe, especially high up in the North like in EETN. Even at noon, the sun is not very high in the sky. If you change the month to July, you’ll notice the difference!


Try setting “Noon” at Svalbard (ENSB). You won’t even see the sun there this time of the year.


Oh ok
I realized that now

Thank you for your response

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This is so that no one sees how Santa loads the sleigh 🛷🎅🎄