Time of day

Is night time flying down? Im at 67.20 -21.51 right now and its bright and sunny .

Where are you?

Just go to time and set to night or the exact time!

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I did and its still light… i even went to settings to change the time to night and the sun is shining

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Can you show a screenshot?

Not sure what this means but my exaxct coordinates are 67.03 -20.19…should be pitch black

Since you are flying over the north pole, it will be bright all day. Once you fly over the pole the day/night cycle will be normal. You can read about this phenomenon here.


Im quite a bit away from the north pole a d the sun is at 23 latitude way behind me…

You are currently north of Iceland, so I would say that is quite close to the North Pole. It will remain bright for a little while longer, but as you can see, the sun is beginning to set as you travel south. Soon, you will be engulfed in darkness as you approach UK/Ireland. Conversely, the South Pole and the areas surrounding it will be all dark right now.

Thanks. I just thought it was odd ive done many of these flights before but i was always flying in the dark. NP is like 1k nm away but if thats what it is im perfectly fine sightseeing

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If you did it in the winter it would be dark

Ive done those flights many times as a passenger and it was pitch black in the summer. The route couldve been more southern though because i fly out of newark and this is an sfo to eddm flight… pretty cool if that is how it actually looks though for the sfo flights.

It is how it looks in real life, I’ve flown over the North Pole many times IRL :).

Living very north this is a typical night nothing wrong here!

Darkness doesn’t cover the planet in what we think of as vertical lines (as much as you can on a spheroid). It’s more of a bell shape, with the peak of the bell currently not going all the way north.

(Your coordinates put you north of Iceland, which, as you can see, is not supposed to be dark.)


Well just remember that the earth is round so it will be bright up at the North Pole for a few months and if you go to the South Pole it’s currently night for the next few months. So if you want it to be night I suggest taping on the months tap and changing it to a few months forward or back and set the time to night I had to do this yesterday when I was controlling in the South Pole.

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