Time of day preference?

What time of day do you like flying? Do you use current time, or like to keep it at a certain time? I personally like to keep it at sunset, it just looks so nice, and I can see the runway better. Let me know, I like to see everyone’s preferences!

  • Sunrise
  • Sunset
  • Noon
  • Midnight
  • Current Time

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You should create a poll… Just after Sunrise

Done! Thx. Took me a minute to find out how :)

Current Time for Short Haul, Noon for medium haul, for long haul I either do current time or when I spawn in I set it to sunrise so I get the sun rising for takeoff.

I always fly around noon, as I find it difficult to either see the aircraft or the taxiway during sunrise/sunset or night time.

I use current time unless I’m taxiing at night in which case I change it to noon so I can see. Once I’m in the air I change it back.


I prefer flying during the day or during a time with enough sunlight to enjoy the scenery. Flying at night can be like flying blind but hopefully one day, night lighting will be perfected.

Scheduled departure date and time of an actual flight is also something I do when I want to be extra ;)

I would say current time because (it’s realistic) and sometimes is very hard to see terrain at certain places with the (sunrise, sunset)

You know it’s kinda boring at night … sooooo… how do you guys even like fly at night unless you sleep through it like me when I’m long hauling then understandable but short hauls heck nah . Lol this topic is probbaly gonna turn into a night time discussion

True but at certain airports night arrival is a dream

I would pick night but the surroundings and terrain are hard to see… and some aircraft cabins are better when lit.

Do you mean the cabin lights seen from the outside like the a320

yep! ironically im flying one right now lol

Yeah but hopefully they one day add taxilights🙏


Only thing put me off flying current time is the taxiing. Can’t see a thing. Even there is no taxi way lights. Atleast more powerful taxi light would come handy.

It’s interesting and handy that we can actually set the time, in the IF virtual world, isn’t it 😊

All my time on the platform, I do in daylight (noon).
When in the air, I set the time to real local time. And leave it on local time until touchdown.
When controling, I want maximum light (noon).

I do Noon when taxiing and Landing/Taking Off, but during cruise I’ll play around with the time settings

I can’t land during night due to the airport lighting being so low.

Noon or current time