Time never right with simbrife or fpltoif

hey guys!

I fly with IFP and i am always to early always
it says the flight is 6 hours, but it ends up 4 hours
regarless of winds and speed it is never right
what can i do?

Are you going the same speed FPLtoIF is saying and altitude?

Yup, I am doing that @ThomasThePro

Could you give us an example of a route it says is 6 hours but is actually 4?

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one time i was flying from CYVR-CYUL and it said the block time was 6 hours and 15 mins
at the end it was just 4 hours 45 mins

Interesting. Sometimes Simbrief has hiccups, but this is something that happens repeatedly?

pretty much everytime, I get to my airport more than 1 hour early

Time is very hard to match up. Most pilots are climbing or descending too quickly to match up with real world procedures. Winds, weight, etc can also make a difference.

Block Time also refers to gate to gate time. Taxi speeds, which runways, etc. It all adds up.


Is you IF flight time the 4:45? Because that doesn’t include any taxi time, whereas the simbrief block time does.

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The block time is the time taken for the entire journey, this includes the time it takes to taxi either end of your flight (I.E. parking break off to parking break on).

I know this won’t affect it too much, but the time you allow for taxi in SimBrief (hereafter. SB) will affect how “early” you arrive on standard. By default, SB allows for a 20 minute taxi at your departure airport and an 8 minute taxi at your arrival airport. When the airport is quiet, taxi time in the sim is usually a lot less than the default times provided by SB. Have you tried adjusting the the time allowed for taxi on your SB FPL?

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I’ve never had this issue, so I’ve tried to replicate it with the flight you described. I got this result-

As you can see, the flight time is 4:07, 2 hours shorter than what you’re getting for the block time, and much closer to your actual flight time you’re getting in IF.

If it was a minor difference, I’d just attribute it to winds, but your received block time is two hours off from the expected flight time value I got, which might mean one of your simbrief settings (maybe expected taxi time?) is different than normal and adding to the block time. I’m not sure if fpltoif adds this in every time a new flight plan is requested though.

i’m a bit confused about what’s happening. can anyone explain in a reply/dm?

Ok i sent you a message @Madison

i got the dm.

If you don’t know or confused about what’s happening, maybe the topic isn’t for you, but for more experienced people to answer.

he explained it

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What are you comparing Flight Time to specifically?

OP’s first post stated his block time was reading as 6 hours.

Flight time is “estimated time enroute”

//Calculate Flight Time

So if I am correct
To get my flight time to the extimated I take my block time
and minus the planned taxi time, (28) for simbrife
then that will be my eximated flight time

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