Time Markings for Forum Updates

Hey there everyone! Hope you guys are having an outstanding day!
I’d like to introduce a feature request for the forum, something I think would be a really cool addition to the amazing forum we know today. When receiving updates on the forum, we get a notification on our profile that informs us of the update (response, like, mention, etc). But something I think would work really well for forum users is if times appeared with the update (Ex: 35 Minutes Ago MishaCamp liked your message in Evening Spotting at JFK).

Feel free to let me know if this is a useful feature request, or if it’s not needed, etc.

Have an amazing rest of your day everyone! :)


Hi Daniel!

Thanks for the idea. Now unfortunately, that’s not something Infinite Flight can change. The IFC runs on a forum platform called “Discourse”. Infinite Flight is just using the Discourse software to run this community, so any changes like the one you’re requesting would need to be made by Discourse themselves.

Have a nice day!