Time management

Monday: School 8-3, XC 3-5, Homework 5-8
Tuesday: School 8-3, XC 3-5, Homework 5-8
Wednesday: School 8-3, XC 3-5, Homework 5-8
Thursday: School 8-2, XC 2-4, Homework 4-7
Friday: School 8-3, XC 3-5, Start overnight long haul
Saturday: Land overnight long haul 7, Lots of flights if nothing else going on, start overnight long haul
Sunday: Land overnight long haul, ATC for tracking thread, start a flight, do homework and some chores, land a flight, and then more flights until dinner.

Gist: No flights during weekdays, and fly for my VAs during the weekends. Maybe control a bit here in there.

Stop your Infinite flight subscription. Better grades.

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I just do short flights in the afternoon, and participate in events or group flights on weekends.

Work on school the hole week fly on the weekend

I was doing the same but I have to wake up more earlier otherwise

I’m doing two hauls flights in week and as I have more time at the weekend, I’m doing short flights and/or pattern work.

Well I get out at 11:00AM from school and I go Tuesday-Friday so I just start a short haul after school!

Wake up half an hour early, start a flight from the west coast to Europe, go to school, come home, taxi to the gate, do homework, pushback, go back to where I started, sleep, wake up, and start over

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Since I need to use my phone during school, I do short flights after school, 8 - 10 hour flights while I sleep and 10+ hour flights on the weekend. This has enabled me to become a Captain for QVG and break many world records so I would say it’s working for me.

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Not necessarily ;)

Find a balance and you’ll be fine 🤷🏻‍♂️ @anon57683537

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IF on Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.

Everything else Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri.

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