Time management

As the school year approaches us all, we must find ways to mange both school, and some fun flying! If you want, reply below how you plan on balancing IF and school, so hopefully those who don’t know how, can!

My way: I plan on starting a flight before school, and then returning to see how far I have traveled!


Start it before school land after dinner. Easy way for long hauls👍


Good one! 😁

So, the 787 can fly for up to 20 hours. I can start flying at 8PM and land 4PM the next day, after school ends. Pretty good way to gather XP and hours.


I usually do NAZZ-OTHH start it just before i go to sleep, usually wake up with 12 hours left, go to school and land just after dinner👍

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Never thought of that one! I might just have to try it sometime!

These are quite good suggestions Imma seeing, but the real problem is going to be landings. In a week I lost over two thirds of my landings, so good luck to me and all of the community!

Probably patterns after school every 2 days, and on the other days short hauls in the afternoon. On weekends, I’ll do overnighters and short-medium hauls in the daytime.


Also thank you guys for replying to this topic! It means a lot to me even is it’s just like 8 reply’s. 😂

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Personally, I only fit IF into my schedule if I have nothing else to complete. I have school, work, sports, and other extra-curricular activities to complete. As soon as I start playing IF, I end up using at least an hour of time flying/controlling. That is why I usually stay away from IF except for weekends/holidays unless I find myself with lots of free time.

  1. Focus on school work during the week and not get caught up with Infinite Flight
  2. Fly on the weekends

I get home, start a short 1-2 hour flight at the IFATC airports and do homework during the flight then land and finish off the rest of my homework.

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I‘ll find time for IF in the evenings. After school I‘ll do homework or go to the gym. I‘m also doing my driving license atm which takes quite a lot of time too. Since this is my last year at school, which starts tomorrow, there will be many exams and I‘ll have to study quite a lot. During that time I won‘t have a lot of time for IF. Maybe I depart a flight and land when I‘m doing a break from studying.


I usually dont even fly during the week (which is complete depression) I get home from school, have about an hour of homework and then I have sports in the evening… So I really only fly on the weekends (as I said, complete depression)

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Easiest way to get a ton of landings IMO (use CS of course):

  • Spawn in an F22
  • Full throttle
  • When you get close to an airport, throttle idle, gear down, flaps 30, slow the plane down to under 300 in a few seconds lol
  • Land the thing
  • Repeat

Doesn’t even matter where you spawn because the F22 gets to over 1000 knots really quickly

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As I’ve done between 2017-2018 for my first two years in high-school, I’ll repeat that now for my third and final year, and that is to set up a Long Haul or ULH in the morning juts when waking up. I usually have everything ready the night before, makes it more effective and efficient, does save me time in the morning.

I land the flight when I come home, usually my flights are planned as in I’ll land them 2-4hrs after I come home, just to give me some safety margin, and so that I can do one final step-climb.

Well my strategy is to use a CCX in KLAX and circulate between 07 and 25.

I usually depart when I start getting tired, so by the time I’m asleep I’m safe cruising, I wake up and land, then I shortly depart before I ^I I to school. Land shortly after I come home, ans get a few short hauls in 😂

I fly at least once a week if not more depending on time. It depends but I normally do 1-2 hops from an Active Airport to a Domestic Destination and then back to the active airport.

Example, I flew London to Frankfurt and then back to London, several landings and then the flight time on top of that. Thats what I do and sometimes doesn’t work, but when I have spare time its what I do

spawing at CAK3 and landing next door also works cuz the spawn is on the runway
You can takeoff on grass anyways lol