Time Lapse - With and Without Approach! PS... Spread Out!

I had the opportunity this afternoon to record a session of ATC where traffic was inbound with approach. Approach logged off and the planes all clumped together. This caused @JoshFly8 to come in sort it out. As you can see some were sent well out of their way just to be able to sort things out.

This is what Joshua saw when he logged in.

Here is the time lapse video which shows it nicely.

And for reference, this is my approach post where I point out the need to spread out as well as other approach items.



Sweet, I love to see Infinite Flight time lapses!

That was oddly satisfying to watch. :)


I love time lapses like this

Interesting! Great job! ;)

Interesting video, thank you for making it and sharing!

You stopped just before my runway change as KORD Approach! I had 8 planes within 20nm, and I had to vector them all towards the other side… Crazy.
Cool video though!! Keep making them!

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good video. i would recommend keep them coming sir.

Great video!

Wow, that’s really interesting! Nice video.

When were you controlling?
There’s a good chance I was controlling KORD at that time.

When I was approach ;)

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