Time Lapse, what is it and how does it work?

Does it speed up something?

Yes, it plays something faster then it actually is.
Example: the videos of planes being painted

Yeah after you record something in time lapse everything speeds up when you watch it. It’s good for something that takes a while to change not like really short videos

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It speeds everything up? Or I can configure it to speed up only certain parts of the video?

I don’t know. That’s beyond my knowledge of things. I’m not a computer geek.

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On most Video editors (for example Moviemaker , Vivavideo etc…) you can change the speed (timelapse x2/x4 etc…) of a part you selected
Or You can shange the pictures per seconds in you camera (better)

When cameras take video, they are basically taking ‘frames’ (pictures) often between 24-60 times per second. Time lapse is slowing the rate of these, to say one per second. This makes the video look far faster. A time lapse must be taken by camera/device, it cannot be edited in. You can, however, edit together several pieces of video, some can be timelapse and some not.

So I could activate timelapse before starting to record, and then choose which scene speed up?

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Time lapse is something done while editing a video that makes it play faster than normal speed. For example, if you recorded a flight, you could edit it to be a time lapse and it would replay in a higher speed. So the original flight video was 60 minutes, the time lapse may be 10 minutes. It’s basically putting a video in fast forward and keeping it like that in simple terms.

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But if I use the timelapse included in IF, will I be able to avoid speeding up the whole video?

Do you mean the screen recording option on Android devices in IF? That I do not know. I use iOS which doesn’t have the in-app recording feature (yet).

Oh, OK. Then I´ll have to cut and make a transition to the video. Thanks.

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Check out Casey Neistat on Youtube. He has a timelapse somewhere in almost every video of his.


It takes a burst of photos in a certain time frame, I believe 1 second worth of timelapse is 6 actual seconds, it’s great when doing intros and it makes things a (bit) choppier as they are photos!

My favourite vlogger <3
Back on topic: His timelapses are a great example on what you could do.

Timelapse simulates a much faster footage from an earlier taken video. It simulators it to much faster speed to pass (for example) a large 1 hour video to a matter of seconds to minutes!


Google always has more answer than this forum…