[Time Lapse Video]: (Nightmarish flight); Air France 7728; Paris CDG to Nantes NTE, Air France A320-214

Hey IFC!

Yesterday, I did a CDG to NTE with the Air France A320-214, this flight was on the Expert with a time of 1h49 and the route is LFPG -> LFRS.

This flight was a nightmare, because of the hard Runway 21 approach of NTE and I gained a level one violation due to over-speeding because of the vertical speed at -3000 caused by the VNAV.

After circling over the airport of NTE, I finally landed Runway 03.

Anyway, here is the video:

Music used in the video:


Was that a network issue or you did it purposefully 😁


It was a network issue. 🙂

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