Time Lapse Making @Stewart [Closed]

I’m making a Time Lapse Video right now in Stewart in New York Expert server. Nice to see some people there. And if you do come tell me what aircraft and livery.

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Saudia B787

Ok nice to see you there.

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I might drop by in an A340 if it fits

I saw a 747 in there so it should fit.

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Okay I will be there in House Colours

Alrighty then.

Oww nice, looks like I landed when you were recording!

What aircraft where you?
And at this time I just see planes landing left and right.

Are you recroding yet ?

Etihad 781.

Yeah I saw you then.

Yep I’ve been recording for some time now.

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@Bulba I am number two for take off.

Alright then I’m going to get you then.

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@a380fan I see you there.
Also see @Boodz_G taking off now.


How much more longer will you be recording? I’ll try to fly in.

I’ll keep on going really for 15 to 30 more mins

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How was that take off ;)

It was nice. Like it.

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