Time Lapse KCLT(Charlotte) - KBOS(Boston)

I made an Infinite Flight Time lapse last week when IFATC was in the USA, i went from Charlotte-Boston two airports that i have not flown to in ages. I did it on expert server, going from KCLT-KBOS it is a fun route which took me over Washington D.C, Philadelphia and New York City (A personal Favourite location for scenery of mine in infinite flight)

Here is the timelapse that i posted on my youtube channel, please let me know what u think :)


You get a like because you flew right over my house in NE Pennsylvania outside of Philly 🤗


wow that is really cool :) i am glad you like it!

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Nice I’m not sure if I was the one who left before you in that video or not but I did a lot of flights out of CLT that day as it is one of my home airports. Great video and come back to the Queen City some day ;)

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I will for sure :) if you dm me your callsign I can have a look in my replay file to see if it was you

My callsign is sierra charlie

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You also get a like for flying over DC my home. Not many people give the Mid Atlantic the love it deserves.

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@Xentorogamingyt… MaxSez: I enjoyed this masterpiece of videography. Time & Effort Well Spent! “Well Done” BZ!


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thank you very much :)

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Great video!

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Also, congrats for 2k!

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thank you :) Lets keep going for the next milestone

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Haha that is very true

Love the channel. I use it for all of the 777 news. Your may 4th theory didn’t work though, unfortunately.

Yeh it didn’t bit sad, but it was a fun theory to have :)

Ya and I thought at the time “that’s so far away!”

What’s today’s vid if you know

How do you make a time lapse like that