Time Lapse for Replay

Have a vote, this would be lovely!

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This is so needed! I am making time lapses and that stuff so this would be amazing!!

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i would really need this for my YT video! Ps. A little bump again :)

Yeah, this would be soooo useful. The amount of 5 hour videos I have now after forgetting to delete them is insane! I’ll try and clear a vote - but I think it might be quite difficult to do so :(


we need this.

Voted. It’s too hard to record on a low-storge device.

I am clearing a vote for this.


Dont mind me, just bumping this

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This would be super cool! And we can save storage when recording flights!


It will sure be cool to have it, but the data streaming part of it really worries me.

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I am totally behind this idea and fully support it!

Here are some pros I listed out!


  • It would make recording our replays to make flight lapses way easier.
  • Makes time lapsing long hauls for the full-length way easier.
  • Allows for more opportunities and the full flight in time-lapses.
  • We would no longer need to screen record my 7-hour flight from KJFK to EGLL at full length.
  • Allows us to be kinder to our devices, making a long haul a lot faster than usual, adding on, you can’t record a full 14-hour flight, so you only get snippets of the full thing.
  • Screen-recording and flying at the same time without replay mode makes most flights laggy and choppy.
  • More popularity for videos in #screenshots-and-videos, and makes it easy for anyone to showcase their flight.
  • On a note away from the time-lapses, this would allow pilots to go back and review their flight in beauty and style once they’re done.


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Oh Perfect let em see if I can find a vote I would literally do a long haul and do this lol