Time lapse flight recording

Hi everyone!

I’ve been looking around a tad, specifically for an app that can screen record an entire flight (many hours) and create a time lapse of any chosen length. I know that I can use the iOS screen recording to take a video, but I don’t want to clog up my storage with extremely long videos. I’m also not very familiar with iOS screen recording, so there might be a way to edit it or something before it gets stored, but I’m not sure.
Is there any tricks (or apps) that I can use to make these videos easily?

Thanks for the help!

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Just download OBS on your computer. Record your gameplay from there. If you have a windows computer download Lonely Screen to mirror your device. Max you just have to airplay it.


Too bad you don’t have android… time lapse recording option is in the settings in app.

No matter what you record it will clog up storage on your phone or ipad. Use your computer and lonely screen works a charm

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Unfortunately that doesn’t work all the time. If you have a newer device it might work.

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