Time Lapse Crash

Hi there. New to the game but have been playing for a week. Flying the Cessna Citation at the moment.

I just discovered the time lapse x5 mode and decided to put this to use over the water part of a flight to Iceland from Ireland.

However after only a couple of minutes of minutes of switching it on it caused the aircraft to come out of autopilot and crash into the ocean.

Initially I wondered had I accidentally switched off autopilot but I started the flight over and made sure nav autopilot were all on when I switched on the x5 time lapse but again working a minute it had disengagement the aircraft and the overspend warning was clanging and it crashed.

Can some one help me here?

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Did you used this On ground? Or in the air?

He said over the water

Well, use the 5x when at least 400ft AGL. Al lower altitudes, more chance you have to crash. Hope this helps :=)

Welcome to the community

The 5x speed setting on solo is not supposed to be 100% perfect in terms of performance, as it is only the first iteration.

I don’t think it caused the Autopilot to turn off. I’ve flown with the x5 time lapse mode before and anytime the A/P is disconnected it returns to normal time.

I wouldn’t recommend using 5x mode for timelapses. I tried it out before, but because this is just an experimental feature (I asked Schyllberg), things like not moving wings and more is normal and not fixable

If you could provide your altitude, speed and V/S settings, we will be more able to help you reslove the issue. It is possible that this came as a result of one or a combination of these settings being unsuited to the conditions in which you crashed.

10000ft, 345kts, perfect weather. Flying totally fine. And within a minute each time of selecting x5 the over speed warning comes on autopilot disengages and i have to wrestle the aircraft sometimes successfully mostly it’s too late and crashes

Any @Admin_MindsKinetic have any ideas here?! Am trying longer flights but there seems to be a glitch with time lapse. I have autopilot on and yet every time I press for the x5 it glitches out to overspeeding and disconnects the autopilot

The feature is experimental so it sadly has some issues with it. I don’t have the issue you have but I also faced difficulties during my testing

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