Time Lapse at NZAA for the Australiasian Flyout

A week and a bit ago, myself and some other Regulars hosted arguably one of the biggest events in IF history. It was a huge undertaking. 3 waves of departures, 4 airports, ATC coverage and a huge TFR. We were set. This is the result. This is wave 2 at NZAA. Enjoy.

I apologize for the poor quality.

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Awesome Video!


Cool video!

I really liked the idea of the waves. Event was really nice to be part of. 💪


Looks Great’ !

Great video I love timelapses. And by the way what on earth was that A320 pilot doing taking off down half the runway

What wave was this?

Wave 2 I think. Or 3.

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That’s procedure normal at nzaa domestic 320 and regional prop flights

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Ah okay cool to know I’m not that familiar with NZAA as you can tell

That’s amazing! Loved seeing the traffic build up!