Time in game matches the actual time in the area you're flying

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I am not sure if this feature has already been discusses, but here it is.

What if, on live, the time in game, is the actual time in that area. So the sun/moon moves up and down, and the lighting changes depending on the actual time of day in that location.

For example, if you were in Sydney at 19:00 sydney, you would see a sunset/nightfall. An hour later, the moon would have risen and the stars were visible.

This would add to the realism in live, as well as being beneficial for when “world flight” comes out (if it does ever come out.) So in this case you would be able to take of in SYD at night, and land in LAX in the morning.

This won’t be a neccersary feature, as you will be able to turn it off in the settings part of the app.


I like that part of it ^. I would love this as long as I could turn it off if I wanted to.

This is what Matt has to say about this subject:

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No he means it’s your local time so it’s not synced to this one persons time.

He said “in that location”. Sounds like he means each region’s light settings will be synced to that region.

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Are there any regions that go across over one time zones?

In the title he said “in the area you’re flying” which means if you are flying in SoCal, the time of day would match the time of day there in SoCal; not the time of day at your real life location (where you live). Then let’s say you then moved over to the Singapore region to fly, the time of day would then change to that of Singapore (if this feature is enabled).

What if there was just another option in the Time selection that allowed you to select this realism time or not. Right alongside Morning, Afternoon, etc.

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I think having this option is great but i would appreciate if this was available after (if we even get the opportunity) runway and taxi lights are implemented. I really dislike flying night time without any lights.

Well said…and guys have the solution…you just can switch between Active" time and what is currently be available .Truth be told.I would choose active time always but on 3 conditions .Taxilights Moon Stars!!!mmmmh!!and city lights too.“no buildings needed for this”


MaxSez: “What”? “Why”? “Who cares”?

Guys, from “New dawn continued” topic :

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