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Hey community,

I just joined and signed up for tonight’s tribute flight. But I am not sure about the time. It’s says 9pm. Is that my time, or do I need to convert it into German time because of the time difference? I hope you guys understand the question.
Thanks in advance

Thanks in advance

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It’s in Zulu which is GMT so just look at what time that will be in Germany.


The scheduled time is 1900Z. Go online and look up a time converter to your local time :)

Try this website if you need help with converting times:


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I use this time converter thanks to @Chris_S



While we are on the subject, British Summer Time has just begun and the clocks have moved forward an hour. Will Zulu time still be the same as British time or will it be GMT?
Hope an English person can help.

Germany is 1 hour ahead of London

Zulu time stays the same. So Britain is now one hour ahead of Zulu time. Hope that helps

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Yep, perfect.
Thanks for that!

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Welcome aboard! I’ll see you at the event matey! Make sure you come in a -200

@Dez: My credit card is temporarily not working, so I can’t purchase the -200. I would love to join the event though, as it is my first one. Could you make an exception and let me participate in a -400? I don’t want to get in trouble just joining in a -400 without asking. It would be much appreciated.

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Ah, it’s just an aircraft. Come on in!

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Thank you so much! Very excited for the flight. See you soon

It is about 1900Z right now:-)

You said that 20 mins ago from this post , as of now the time is 20:20 BST NOT zulu

It is about 19:20 Zulu time now


That’s uk time not Germany they use CEST (Central European summer time)

Its Central European Summer Time

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Whoops, I fixed it:-)

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