Time for a different chapter

I know it’s been said over and over again in IFC. No doubt this is the best flight simulator app that has been discovered. But a type of person that really enjoys the General Aviation section more than anything it’s time now to see an advancement in this section. We have seen alot of upgrades to the Airbus and the
Boeing jets. It’s time now to see a king air a Navajo ATR Cheyenne citation jet or even a Gulfstream. Just to name a few. The GA could really use a good revamp


Hey man, your best choice is to vote for these type of aircraft or start up #features requests. I’m hoping we get more GA planes which would come handy in GA Day. Unfortunately, we’ll just have to play the waiting game.

We have Gulfstream requested already so feel free to support it more:

Your best bet is to keep voting, here’s the king air you mentioned:


I understand your problem and get your frustration. A way you could go is to X-Plane 11, which has some great GA aircraft available. The problem in IF is that to rework an aircraft takes a long time, so they have to really know which planes they want to rework and what planes the community wants to be reworked, and usually they take both inputs to decide. At the time of deciding, the community will mostly chose a commercial airplane because most of us prefer that sector. I proved that when I made a poll about this, so that I could use it on topics like this. This is the poll, if you want to check it.

Hello Javaro

We have numerous General Aviation feature requests here on the forum. I kindly ask that you use the search bar in the upper right hand corner, search for the aircraft you wish, and then continue your support for those specific aircraft in those relevant topics.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!