Time for a checklist!

I was landing on 27l at heathrow with another aircraft parallel to me on 27r… I was so focused on not overshooting my final turn… Forgot the gear. :( Time for a landing checklist! To clarify… I mean a paper checklist, I’m not suggesting it be incorporated in the sim, but that would be interesting.

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Try some of these!


Great, thanks… Could have prevented my blood bath!

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Whmm… That gave me an idea… I can build my own targeting my iPhone with pythonista with tabs for each phase of the flight.

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As @JDE1303 had posted, my checklist app on the App Store is $0.99, it has a MAJOR update which is 70% finished, it makes the app a whole lot nicer and the UI more likeable.
Let me know what you think!


Here’s what I whipped up, probably not as nice as your app, but it works for me. Once you move all the switches to the on state, the labels turn green…image


The actions are contained in an array of strings, so it’s easy to modify

Forgive the descent typo! :)

I tried using the sideswipe feature to bring up the multitasking screen on my iPad, but when I did that, IF paused. I guess you have to use another device for your in flight checklists.