Time For A Change!


As many of you have seen, and been impressed by my photos in the past, and along with editing feedback, I decided to make my photos even better. How did I do this? With Adobe Lightroom. I know some users have used Lightroom for ages, and gotten great results, that’s why I got it. (I also considered Snapseed, but my final choice was Lightroom). Since getting it, I’ve gone and done some photoshoots, some on solo, some online. Below is a compilation of 10 of my best Lightroom edits. With some of these edits I went with my old, high contrast, over edited style, but with a little less of it, with others I tried out new-ish styles (thanks IFC for cutting off the vignette on these photos). Enough talking, I can do that later, let’s see some photos now!

First up, we have the P-38 “Miss Virginia” over Berlin. I edited this to make it look somewhat like 1945, though there is still some color in the photo. If anyone remembers my WWII edits a while back, this is a good comparison to see if I’ve improved.

With the KLM 747’s (almost) gone, (the combi’s are still flying temporarily), I decided to take the KLM 747-200 for a spin around Amsterdam. I went with a 1960’s style photo for this one, hence the 747-200 instead of later variants.

Another 1960’s and 70’s style photo, this time with the British Airways DC-10. I really like the Landor livery for BA, more then the current livery, which is why I chose this over another BA plane.

Now on to a more modern look. A Qatar 777 approaching Doha in the early evening. I’m not sure how good this one turned out, so feel free to tell me.

Now on to another military photo. Me, @anon9524891 and @KennedyTurner had a little dogfight above Edwards Air Force Base. In this specific photo, @KennedyTurner is on my 6 o’clock in his F-22. Luckily IF doesn’t have weapons so me and my F-16 were safe.

Not sure how this one turned out, but here, my Blue1 717 is on final to land at KIFW Airport, because I was photoshooting. And I finally learned what airport they operate at, thanks @SimCaptain. 😂

Completely different from the dogfight from earlier, but coincidentally, also at Edwards AFB. My F-22 banks over the Californian mountains in the afternoon sun.

Now this one is one of my favorites, and in fact it’s first ever photo that I edited with Lightroom, and it turned out great! In my opinion, of course. The AA 787 on final, in the perfect 11:00AM sunlight, looks awesome.

Lastly, this is another one of my favorites. Me and @Tsumia went out on a Photoshoot up in Nome, Alaska. We both took off, and climbed, like every other flight. But this time we pulled into formation, unlike every other flight. My 737-800 with the old livery, and @Tsumia with his new livery 737-900 shows how Alaska Airlines has changed and evolved through the years, but with keeping the Alaskan feel on their planes.

This was my first time using Adobe Lightroom, so feedback is welcome, just like always. Thanks for stopping by as well, and have a great day, and stay safe and healthy IFC!


Very proud of that last photo, glad I could do it with you!


the KLM 747-200 was the nicest one along with the british airways DC10-30


Thanks, I’m glad to have flown with you too!

Thank you! I can agree, I really like them as well, have sort of a classic feel.


Dude these are sick! How long did it take you to edit?

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It’s look like drawing more than infinite flight lol

But it’s very fantastic photos!

Gj @Butter_Boi

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In my mind the F-22 and F-16 photo is the best

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Those are some sick shots! It was a lot of fun!

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Ah these are sick! Nice shots!!

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Thank you! On some it took an hour-ish, some took 5 minutes. It really depends on how good the raw photos are.

I can’t see the drawing part 😂. Anyway, thanks a lot!

It was one of the ones I was skeptical about during the editing phase. Thanks, and I’m glad you like it!

Thank you! Indeed it was very fun!

Third time hearing “sick” lol. Doesn’t take away from the meaning though, thank you!


Boi! Those are sicc!

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Beautiful pics !

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Now this we can agree on, thanks so much!

Thank you, @Ajaxibrahim, means a lot!

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I especially liked the first two photos. Good job 👍

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I like the first two as well (of course I do, they’re mine 😂). Thank you, means a lot!

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Geez that KLM tho 😍😍

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I like it as well, thank you!

No problem! Keep making more haha


Of course I’ll make more, Lightroom has opened up so many more photo opportunities!

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I just downloaded lightroom today actually! Its awesome