Time Cycle Option

A Time Cycle Option for multiplayer would be cool. It could go from sunrise to noon to sunset to night and etc. It would make it better and more realistic but there would need to be cockpit lighting


I love the idea…But what about people in different timezones…You would mostly always fly at a certain time depending on where you live!
Nice suggestion though!


I mean like a time for everyone. It would be an option from whenever you press the “button” to start it like it is in multiplayer where you can set it to night and other people have it on day. And the whole cycle could be 1:00 hour


Yep! Short Cycles could Definitely Work!
Nice Thinking :)

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Screenshot from xplane mobile version. i would love to see a day time like this where the sun is down but it’s not dark yet

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i suggest better: real local time or a 24h rudder for select time, like Google Earth, with a realistic sun.


Dawn and Dusk. I think it’s a great idea and adds to the ambiance of the game!

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Devs can’t do it, takes up too much memory apparently.

I’m sure it will be possible sometime in the future

The Devs will figure it out… They’re smart!

Do you have that game on androit?
And plz give me the name.

It’s called xPlane 4G and I have iOS. Trust me it is nothing compared to IF! But… They have landing smoke and screeching tires that’s about it. IF is a billion times better


Really like this idea😄

yeah that’s true

Yeah, I would love to see this in the future, it doesn’t even have to be real time data and could be turned off.

I think you must use the time that is in the region in the real world


Like the weather

Or it could be changing depending on the time like the weather on live. And in solo you can do it yourself and your own pace :D

Confirmed for global flight!