Time Conversions for Events

I know that for events, IFC uses Zulu. What’s the best way to convert it to EST/EDT? For example, would 2000 Zulu be 4:00pm Eastern? Or would I subtract 5 hours? I messed up the timing of the event today by thinking 1800 Zulu was 1 PM EST.

Edit: I know there’s auto-conversion for some posts, but I’m talking about non-convertible numbers.

There are many Zulu converters online as well. I hope this answers your question. 🙂


I live on the east coast, so “-5” would apply to me correct? However, this didn’t work. 1800 Zulu is equivalent to 6 PM, minus 5, makes 1 PM. I appreciate you help so far.

That is correct I believe since I have to subtract 8 since I’m on the west and there is the 3 hour time change and 8-5 is obviously 3 symbolizing the time change/difference.

This image is way easier to understand and process.

Hm… just did some research and I’ve found that EDT is 1 hour ahead of EST, and it seems to work out? I think that means I should probably use EDT from now on for time conversions.

Edit: For example, tomorrow’s flight is at 2000 Zulu, making it 4 PM EDT or 1 PM PDT. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t think that’s correct. For me (EDT) it’s +4, not -5

It’s summer time so EDT is UTC-4. Winter time would be UTC-5 (EST).


Perfect, thanks for clearing that up. Does winter time start Dec 21st?

This should help you out as it’s a interactive map.

Timezone Map

Also this Timezone conversation tool should help you out.

Timezone Converter

Not the solstices. Winter/summer time in the sense of daylight savings.

When daylight savings is active, between March and November, the East Coast is in EDT (d = daylight) which is UTC-4 (Zulu time minus 4 hours).

When daylight savings ends in November, the east coast is back to EST (s = standard) which is now UTC-5 (Zulu time minus 5 hours).

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Ah, that makes much more sense. Thank you.

You can also utilize the insert time feature.


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