Time control

I never saw somebody write something about this little new feature in solo mode, which makes timelapses a ton easier…

You can now set the time x5 and it also has this speed in the replay


It is a great feature indeed! Huge thanks to the devs for adding it :)

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It’s cool one indeed, doesn’t work on fighters though…

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Yeah! I found this and couldn’t find any mentions of it.

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Yeah, it is not mentioned in the blog. It’s amazing tho, I love using it!

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Yep Mach 5 on solo. Shame you can’t go M15 in the F22 though.
I actually have been using this feature a lot to test fuel flow.

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I would say, but I have no proof, that this would mean too much scenery would be streamed for your device to handle at those kind of speeds. Staff can confirm though.

Probably. At normal cruising speeds I get lag spikes already. That’s actually not much faster than an F22 without the x5 though. (m.80x5 vs m3.3)

At speeds like M15 I mean in the F22

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