Time Change

I have noticed that the sim time has not reflected the time change. Is there a way to fix this?
Thank you

Please see:

Thank you for your swift response. Also is there a way to reset the flight time clock without having to reset the whole sim?

Not quite sure I understand what you’re referring to by “flight time clock”?

You can’t reset the flight clock without ending the flight, no.

Think he means that if we do a multiple leg flight, we can reset the flight time each time we land. Answer is no unfortunately.

Ah. No, that’s not possible I’m afraid.


The flight time section in the bottom tray that log flight time. I fly multiple stops and was hoping to have the option to reset the clock so i can track the flight time per leg

Would be a nice feature tho. You can consider making a post about it.

Ah perhaps a feature request then?

I won’t stop you :) (Given trust level etc etc)

Wish i can apparently i am unable to do so still.

No worries, you’ll reach that higher level in no time. Just be somewhat active and it’ll be fast