Time calulator for set flight plans

Hey guys,
I just was thinking about how cool it would be if there were a time calculator when making flight plan…this calulator would tell you how long the set flight plan will take to travel…of course this is very hard as it could be inaccurate due to changing wind direction and magnitude…but this would really help the players in the game to set flight plans easier as now we have to look into flight aware every new game…,these are just my thoughts.what are the pros and cons I missed?discuss in the comments…
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Sites like Simbrief already accomplish this. Though they are usually a few minutes long.


Hey you can use simbrief. The time calculated is quite accurate and take wind and climb as well as descent into account. Give it a try, could solve your problems.


You could also look up how long the actual flight usually takes 🤷🏼‍♂️


Thx so much I never knew about this site

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