Tim Clarke to retire in 2020

Tim Clarke, president of Emirates who saw the Emirates become the dominant airline of the Middle East, plans to retire in June 2020 from his role as President. Clarke was the visionary behind the rapid growth of Emirates and much of Emirates current status among the titans in the airline industry can be accredited to him.

While it is sad to see the man that was largely responsible for making Emirates a household airline leave, this provides a wonderful opportunity for a breath of fresh leadership to step up with the coming change in the airline’s fleet with the arrival of the 787, A350, and 777X.

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Tim Clark’s vision of connecting the world via one stop in all destinations is what built EK and possibly DXB as the hub it is today. While the likes of BA and LH were axing routes in Africa and other places, this gave EK a huge gap to expand in those regions. This coupled with their investment in pax comfort gave EK a wide customer base which has been unable to be replicated anywhere successfully(maybe apart from ET & QR)

Tim Clark together with Maurice Flanagan saw a chance and seized it perfectly making EK what it is today.


I wish him the best of luck to him in his retirement


Definitely sad to see him go. It will be interesting to see the direction that the new President of Emirates will take in 2020 - and while I know Tim is still acting as an advisor after his retirement, I wish all the best to him after the hard work he’s done over the years.

It’ll be really interesting to see what happens next. He was the heart of Emirates and responsible for Emirates’ development. I hope the next CEO will be just as good.

Sad to see his days at the helm end, but the world keeps spinning, I’m personally very excited to see what the next person does…

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