Tilting landing gear [Poll]

I am aware this topic has been posted multiple times before, but now let’s make through this poll to our awesome developers clear, that this is a really important update.


  • Definitely we need it
  • We don’t need it

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I don’t get the purpose of that post. The developers have been pretty clear concerning tilted gears, and it’s definitely not coming along with the next update.

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So you think it’s better that the developers spend time on putting gear tilt on all airplanes instead of developing global flight, new airplanes??


It was discussed before…

If you knew that it has been posted multiple times before, so why you posted it anyway?

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Yes, this change would make the game a little better. The developers know we want this change and I’m sure they want it too!


Did anyone press the middle one just because?😂😂😂


Everyone is obviously voting yes. People want everything :)
(Except the ppl against the topic)

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Why do you even have the middle option lel

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People, don’t drive crazy at any chance given… It’s to keep you a bit active

The developers know the demand is there. We don’t need yet another thread asking for it (as you said yourself, this isn’t the first on the topic).

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