Tilt Sensitivity Settings

I have tried almost every thing I went to controlls try to change it but I could not, I have been trying to change for about an hour straight. I even went as far as getting a Bluetooth keyboard but that did not work either. HELP


Please tell me you don’t drive whilst playing IF…I presume it came across the wrong way.

But in answer to your question, unless you hook up a joystick, tilting your device is the only way of controlling the aircraft’s pitch and bank. Tim also has a good point below.


Uncoupple the rudder and the aileron. Makes turning a whoooole lot better. Look in general settings.


You have to tilt to some degree to fly, but you can increase the sensitivity of the tilting along the various axes in settings. More sensitive, less tilting.


Are you saying on the ground or in the air? You also might have Sensitivity on low which would make you need to turn and twist a lot harder.

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I mean in the air, but some people allready had some good suggestions but if you another suggestion I will greatly appreciate it 🙂.