Tilt controls not responding on iPad Air 2

I have a massive problem. I was just about to take off at FNF in my Cessna 208, and when I was checking if everything was ready I noticed that when I tilted, nothing happened.
Basically, when I went to rotate, or turn left nothing would have happened. I restarted IF, and then deleted it and redownloaded it. Nothing happened. I went into controls on settings and everything seemed normal, but when I tilted that orange line didn’t move (if you know what I mean by orange line), no matter how much I tilted. I can’t provide screenshots as apparently the image is too big. I really need help with this as I currently can’t go on IF.

Device: iPad Air 2
iOS 10.2.1
Latest IF version


Restart your iPad.

Were you not able to turn left or right either (to turn on a taxiway, etc.)? I had this problem the other day - pushed back but was not able to turn left or right. Thought it was the app too - deleted and re-installed. The iPad would only run the app when I had my home button on the left, when I had the home button on the right it was upside down.

Deleted and re-installed to face the same problem. Restarted the iPad and the issue was resolved.

Have the same exact iPad Air 2.


Happened to me as well, many times. Figured it was a problem with the IPads gyroscope.

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Happened to me too (when I just realized I was in auto pilot on ><><😅)


This has happened to me a few times. I’ve had Autopilot off, and it still does not allow me to control the aircraft. The aircraft just veered to the left on takeoff and crashed. I use the iPad Air 2 as well.

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It’s annoying, but at least @tjerome helped me fixed it. Turns out I didn’t need to delete IF and then waste half an hour reinstalling all my in app purchases cause I just needed to restart my iPad.

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