Tigerair to resume revenue flights to Bali

Tigerair Australia has reached an agreement with the Indonesian government to resume revenue flights from Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide to Bali from February 3. However these flights will be operated by Tiger’s A320 aircraft rather than their 737-800 aircraft which. This will be the first time Tigerair’s A320 fleet has ventured outside of Australian airspace flying internationally for the first time. Tigerair and Virgin Australia have operated flights for passengers stranded in Bali to get back to Australia however no reneuve flights have flown since the Indonesian Government’s decision to suspend the flights.

Photo, full credit Andrew McLaughlin


They shouldn’t have got straight into international flights with their 737, they should have eased into using it. Like Jetstar did with their A320s, they started off internationally with it and eventually moved into the A330.


I get your point but the Indonesian government is getting a little crazy, like why the A320’s but not the 737’s?


Well Garuda operates the 737 while Citilink operates the A320. Maybe they don’t want rivals to have the same plane, especially an LCC.


https://www.facebook.com/7NewsAdelaide/videos/1437583172939000/ and they have suspended them again

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Totally not surprised. Go home Tigerair.


Singapore’s TigerAir is much more better than the Australian TigerAir! 😂


Our Authorities is pretty strict in adding new routes to foreign carriers, No wonder it’s pretty hard to open a route to/from Indonesia for Foreign Carriers (There are multiple case like this in the past, Like when SIA has to suspended their plan to open SIN-CGK-SYD route because Our authorities refused to give them a permission to operate fifth freedom route to CGK)

Sometimes, Our Authorities can also suspend flights due to strict regulations. And Foreign carriers who can’t meet the requirements have to suspend their flights.


Although it’s being taken over by Scoot?

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Yes it is!..

wait, does this mean that places like Adelaide are getting scoot?

Nope that’s TigerAir Australia the one this topic is about and the one I was talking was TigerAir Singapore.

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No, Tigerair Australia will still be around. It’s just Tigerair Singapore closing.

Isn’t big guv the dogs bollocks?

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oh, my mistake, thanks

thankyou for letting me know

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