Tigerair Mandala Airbus A320-200

Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f7/Mandala_Airlines_Airbus_A320-232%3B_PK-RMO%40SIN%3B02.08.2012_668ca_(7917510682).jpg/1280px-Mandala_Airlines_Airbus_A320-232%3B_PK-RMO%40SIN%3B02.08.2012_668ca_(7917510682).jpg

I’ve wanted this livery for over a year now and it seems like FDS are adding liveries to the A320 so here I am making this. I’m a bit scared that it’s too late to add liveries now though. I don’t think this will take a lot of time though because we have the Tigerair livery on the A319. FDS will have to just change the Logos and Regs.

General Information:
Tigerair Mandala (formerly Mandala Airlines) was a low-cost airline headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia and is an associate company of the Singapore-based Tigerair Group. The former full service airline repositioned itself as a budget airline/low-cost carrier (LCC) following a year-long grounding in 2011 caused by debt woes. Mandala resumed operations in April 2012 following an injection of fresh capital by Indonesian conglomerate Saratoga Investment Corp which took over 51% of the airline, with partner Tigerair taking up 33.3% and the rest by creditors.

Operating together with other associates in the Tigerair Group, Tigerair Mandala shares Tigerair’s sales, distribution and marketing channels to tap into Tigerair’s wider network across Southeast Asia, Australia, China and India. Tigerair Mandala’s fleet of new Airbus A320 aircraft (brand new aircraft originally ordered for Tigerair Singapore) fly primarily within the more populous regions of Java and Sumatra, providing domestic and regional international connections of no more than five hours.

All Tigerair Mandala’s aircraft are being maintained under Singapore Airlines Engineering Company (SIAEC). As one of Indonesian airlines which is not listed under EU ban, Tigerair Mandala applies one of the highest safety standard and maintenance. It plans to increase its fleet to 15 aircraft by end 2013 and to 25 by 2015.

Tigerair Mandala ceased all operations on 1 July 2014, following the decision of the main shareholders to cease funding the airline.

On August 21, 2014, IndiGo announced that 12 of the Tigerair Holding A320 will be sold. It may be from Tigerair Mandala.

In December 2014, PT Mandala Airlines has filed for bankruptcy at the Central Jakarta Commercial Court.
Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tigerair_Mandala

Please, please, please vote if you like it! I’m like actually nervous if they don’t add it XD

Looks like its already dead. I think it died because IF Pro was announced and everyone was talking about that. Im gonna bump this

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I’d prefer the Tigerair Australia A320 since this is no longer operating. Pretty nice livery, although the blue text doesn’t seem to match.


a nice livery, why not.
but, i’m fear of someting, do you think they consired all features such as this one in the update ?


Yeah, doesnt seem like FDS will add this soon :(

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but I saw in the recent podcast on youtube, they said they will do them after the realese, not now. (Someone correct me if i’m wrong) so we’ll have only A320 and 777-300er liveries for the moment. :’(

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Oh wow is tigerair mandala still going?

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Nope. They ceased operations a couple years ago.

I’m sorry but I don’t really like that, I prefer the normal livery!

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Tigerair is slowly dying :(
All that is left is Tigerair Australia. Which I’m thinking will change its name pretty soon.


Don’t forget about Tigerair Taiwan also. It (was)* a partnership between Tigerair Singapore (Scoot) and China Airlines 😉

    • = (Edit) China Airlines just acquired the remaining 10% stakes that Budget Aviation Holdings (Tigerair/Scoot) owned on Tigerair Taiwan last year. But they are still allowed to retain their brand and their logo