Tigerair Australia Fleet Refresh

Tigerair Australia is switching their A320s currently in service over to 737s over the next three years. They currently only have four 737s in service, all the others are A319s and A320s.


Oh wow. Never expected this.


I wonder why they did this, is it so they can be given planes from the other airline

Yeah, they might borrow some of Virgin Australia’s 737s so VA can get new 737s (since Tigerair is quite a low cost).


Why? I don’t understand.

So that means they have to get all new pilots? Correct me if I’m wrong.

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Usually I find with budget carriers owned by big premium airlines they give the new planes to the budget airline and the premium airline has the old planes. (e.g. Qantas has very old b738, b744, b332 and rarely gets any new planes compared to jetstars sparkling new fuel efficient b788 and several relatively new a320s.

I think it means they have to train pilots on how to fly the 737

They need NGs

Qantas is getting the B789, so I don’t see a problem with Jetstar buying new A320s and B788s.

Yeah, that’s right. But Tigerair is a rubbish airline anyway I have never flown on them, so I don’t think they will get premium aircraft.


How are you gonna say their rubbish if you’ve never been on it?

My friends been on a trip on Tiger air.

They say it’s better than Frontier and Spirit but not as good as Southwest, the seats are ok they claim…

The legroom is not bad too they claim

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I’ve read reviews, seats torn, no legroom, old aircraft, often expensive fares etc. Jetstar is the way to go at the moment.

Thats true, my friends probaly just got the better aircrafts

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