Tiger Airways Boeing 737-800

What do you think?

Airframe Details

Construction Number (MSN) 34013
Line Number 1573
Aircraft Type Boeing 737-8FE(WL)
First Flight 03. Sep 2004
Age 11.2 Years
Airframe Status Active

I do not own the pictures. Credits to Leroy Simpson.


It’s a really nice livery

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In principal, the colours are nice and jazzy. But in reality it’s too plain, without the jazzy colours over the main fuselage

Are they replacing the 320’s with 737’s??

I don’t think they will. An Airbus report states that they’re only about four years of age.

So they are adding extra capacity or its on a lease or so? I am quit surprised about this 738.

Flown on one of them

I couldn’t find many sources but one I did find stated that Virgin Australia were handing some of their Asia-Australia routes over to Tiger Air. It also said that Tigerair would operate these routes on the 737-800, I couldn’t load up any fleet Infos except one, saying they only operated A319,A320,A320neo aircraft. This was Wikipedia however and may not be a valid source.

About 5 years ago I flew on a 737-800 tiger airways form Melborune to Canberra in Australia, I have come across this aswell, limited sources, I’ll I can find when j research them is a320 and a319 aswell.

Idk if this will going to happen, but There are some possibilities to make it happen. Cause SIA (Singapore Airlines) already aqquired Tigerair Several Days ago. And If You Can See in Silkair’s Fleets. Their A320 & A319 will be replaced by those Brand New B738 by 2017. Silkair is SIA’s Subsidiary and (Maybe) They will do the same thing in Tigerair. Just My 2 Cents ✌

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A better picture by Victor Pody :)

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The Tigerair a319 was added, so we can fly these colors in the Simulator.

Searched up the registration from @Sumith_M’s photo and its come from Virgin Australia. I guess when they handed over some routes they handed over the aircrafts aswell.

I like this. Great to see Tiger expanding their fleet with the 737

Virgin Australia is actually Tigerair’s parent company. They gave one or two 737-800’s over to them, they are probably not relevantly new, but the paint is :)


Tiger air doesn’t own VH-VUB Virgin Australia does. Or did Virgin sell it??

Ok didn’t see that other one sorry
Maybe www.aussieairliners.com.au is outdated

That livery tho…

Next we’ll get “Plz Add Tiger 737-800”


Hmm, I wonder what are the devs gonna do about the two different "tiger air"s 🤔

No matter what, still want to see this in infinite flight! Cool livery!