Tiger Air Cargo VA

Welcome to Tiger Air Cargo VA

Here at Tiger Air Cargo we offer a unique slant on the VA network, here we only fly freighters and our pilots are free to fly in any of our alliance liveries and we even have a usable call sign Tiger Air (Go Cat).

Our first flight is scheduled for this Sunday 15th May details are below.



Please check out our website for full fleet, liveries and route (event) details. http://tigeraircargova.simplesite.com/

Please email applications with “application” as your email subject so we can process there quicker. Please tell us your name, Grade, Flight time, Landings, XP and any violations. If accepted we will mail you back with your call sign. tigeraircargova@gmail.com

Please also let me know what you think of the website and idea

Could somebody also add this to the VA database for me? Thank you.

Take note that I am reviving Tigerair VA with my friend very soon. Tigerair, not Tigerair Australia so this thing will definitely conflict with the existing Tigerair VA

Hi Natlsrael,

ive searched and found no Tiger Air VA’s at the time of starting mine. So if you took yours down then im sorry about about that. However we are a Cargo only VA so i see no reason why we cant co exist?

This Tigerair VA I’m talking about is based in Facebook but I’ll be promoting it very soon but yes if the owner agrees to co-exist, why not? :)

I didnt think about checking facebook only the forum. I see no reason as to why we couldnt co-exist. In theory we would be extremly different.

Yes, really different as I noticed that the people here focus more on Tigerair Australia rather than the main one based here in Singapore

On what basis?

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Also whos wrong?

I mean if it was a TigerAir VA then it makes sense but not for a different airline. I don’t mean to say “its not allowed” and I used wrong wording there sorry but it seems a bit odd

I think he’s trying to hint you that cargo VAs should come under the ICG

No I’m not I’ve been an idiot and misread what you wrote sorry. Ignore what I said because I thought you had written “we are the only cargo VA” instead of[quote=“Lewis_Birdie_Avery, post:4, topic:39748”]
we are a Cargo only VA

Sorry for that :/


Oh right. Well my Cargo VA is staying independent unless ICG would like to purchase it form me? $100 million and id think about it ;-)

Fair enough

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I’m pretty sure a new VA is worth for less than $1 😜


ICG is its own brand of cargo airlines. We operate all North American cargo companies. We Do not purchase other cargo Va’s. All companies in the ICG have a staff member that makes up the ICG staff

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Well International Cargo Group VA is just an expanded fleet. We were origionally a FedEx VA, but since no one had claimed any other of the cargo VA’s, (UPS, DHL, Cargolux, Southern Air) we decided to merge them all in to one fleet as one airline. :)


Hi guys, my post about ICG purchasing Tiger Air Cargo was just a joke. But if I’m honest I’m just looking at arranging some organised routes flying cargo so if you would like us to work together I’m more than happy? I think I have a good concept so of you wanna talk about organising things let me know

Check your messages. In sure we wouldn’t mind a partnership. We were just giving some background info on what the ICG is.

I don’t think another Tigerair VA should be made (yes, in real life it is ‘Tigerair’ not ‘TigerAir’ or ‘Tiger Air’). But you can do what you want. Also, is there a Tigerair Cargo airline in real life? Or a livery in Infinite Flight? What Tigerair branch is this (Mandala, Singapore, Philippines or Australia)?

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