Tiger Air Australia to Cease Operations


Tiger Air, a lowcost Australian airline, has just announced as of yesterday that it will cease its operations. Just 5 months ago, Tiger Air announced it will suspend all of its flights due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. It was this lack of demand that lead its Parent airline, Virgin Australia to shut down operations.

Photo Credit: https://us.glbnews.com/08-2020/52780977732114/

Virgin Australia Quoted:

“there is not sufficient customer demand to support two carriers at this time”

Although, this isn’t the end of Virgin Australia’s low-cost carriers. Virgin Australia said that they will keep Tiger Air’s airline certificate to quote:

“to support optionality to operate an ultra-low-cost carrier in the future when the domestic market can support it”

This airline was quite vital for a lot of domestic routes in Australia or “Trunk Routes”. Routes such as Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.

What will the airline do with its fleet?

The low-cost carrier had a fleet of 15 narrow-body aircraft including 6 737-800 Boeing aircraft and 9 Airbus A320-200 Aircraft. Virgin Australia stated that it will dispose of all of their A320’s and it is unclear of what they may do with their 737-800’s, as Virgin Australia operates them in their fleet



wait wait WHAT NOOO

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Spotted a few of these in Australia. Quite sad.

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Yeah, I will miss that Tiger livery 😭

Even though I’m not Australian this is still extremely sad

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Such a beautiful livery! It will be sad to see this airline go! :(

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Tigerair Taiwan is still flying. Basically the same livery.

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Huh never knew there was an asian livery with the tiger. Ill have to look into that!

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